Dear Diary – Today I’m Reminiscing About the Days of Old – President Obama, Where Are You?

Dear Diary, as of today in the US, there are 150,199 Covid-19 deaths and 4,368,079 cases. We continue to struggle to balance daily living against a pandemic that is persistent and deadly. Meanwhile, many nationwide protests are still lingering on after videos were televised of the racist and sadistic murder of George Floyd that occurred on May 25, 2020.

….. Today I just wanted to think about the good days past…

To a time in our history when presidents didn’t constantly abuse our minds on a regular basis with rhetorical blasts of proliferating lies and alibis…

When we didn’t have a reality-tv president with a dismal obsession to demolish our democratic society in conjunction with punishing the American people for being, well, Americans.

Our forefathers – the founders of this country, and slaves – fought, bled and died in their sacrifice and beliefs of freedom and justice for and in this nation.

Over two hundred years of struggle, blood sweat and tears have brought us along on this journey of freedom. For civil rights to voting rights to rights to liberty and justice for all, and the list goes on and on.

Over the last three and a half years our president and his trumpites have made it their mantra to mane the wheels of democratic and constitutional justice, to destroy and dismantle the many gains that we have made in civil, social and economic freedoms in this country.

Their political and personal obsession even stooped down to targeting a certain group of foreigners (just like Hitler did) and deny them their hopes and dreams of seeking a better life for themselves and their families by coming to our country to work and to enjoy our democratic freedoms.

The president’s obsession with deportation and building a wall (akin to the Berlin Germany wall built by communists) to keep them out of our country has long been an embarrassment around the world for our country and for the democratic society that we purport to represent.

Like waving a magic wand, on his order many foreign families were torn apart, and parents were ordered to be separated from their helpless children in a way that no civil person in their right mind would ever do. This is just one example of our president’s bigotry and racist acts.

… … …

So today, to be reminded of the days when we weren’t subjected to this kind of abuse from our leader, I decided to reflect on all the good things that our previous president, President Barack Obama, did for our country.

Not only for this country, but for the world.

The US has had a total of 44 presidents. Of that number, only three sitting presidents have been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2009, President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people.” The Nobel Peace Prize itself has been awarded 100 times between 1901 and 2019.

This great honor was in addition to another fifteen prestigious awards and fourteen honorary degrees from various universities and colleges.

I’ve included links to some of my favorite articles about President Barrack Obama’s achievements in Table-1 below.

Oh, how I long for the days of old when integrity, honor, and trust in a leader meant something. When the Constitution was a pillar of our society, and the torch of the Statute of Liberty stood for our dedication and entrust to freedom, democracy and justice…

I can’t help but to reminisce and wish for the days of old (sentimentalist!?), when presidents weren’t bigots, racists, and liars full of shenanigans to destroy our country, our democracy and our freedoms.

When presidents took their oath of office seriously, to protect us and our country as part of their civic duty and responsibility as commander-in-chief.

When presidents didn’t view their position as part of a reality-tv show based on “ratings” to booster and feed their sick ego on a daily basis.

When presidents actually did their job, including reading and paying attention to security briefings.

When presidents respected our country’s infrastructures, and did not seek to destroy them.

When presidents worked to provide a safe and secure future not only for our citizens, but for our children as well.

When the office of the president was a role model for our children.

When honor, respect and moral values for our families, ourselves and for the world in general and in leadership meant something.

When presidents weren’t demagogues.

When presidents didn’t use social media such as Twitter to personally attack people by name, to attempt to intimidate and fulfill their sick, childish, low-life and petty need to resort to name calling and insults to citizens, and to issue racist statements, and/or to incite violence.

When presidents dared not display any racial prejudice. In particular, displaying jealousy and a sick obsession to attempt to dismantle and/or destroy the legacy of a black man that happened to be a president.

When this president’s vile racist acts and obsession included dismantling the pandemic office that President Obama had created for preparedness for a pandemic such as the one we are currently facing would not go unchecked or tolerated.


Those good old days of President Barack Obama seem so far away now, as we are now engulfed with a president that is doing his best to “choke-hold” and strangle our democracy.

His sickening need and obsession to demoralize our very existence as a democratic society and to “choke the day light” and life out of our democracy with his bare hands is fully apparent now to everyone that can tolerate listening to his demagogic rhetoric.

And how was your day?

Table-1 – Accomplishments of President Barrack Obama January/February 2017 By Paul Glastris and Nancy LeTourneau December 6, 2010 By Ramona Houston and Robert P. Watson, PhD. Updated May 29, 2020 By Kimberly Amadeo
“ December 22, 2016 By David Von Drehle

Copyright 2020 Rosa Perdue All Rights Reserved

Originally posted July 28, 2020 4:07 AM

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